Cat Hopkins

Name: Cat Hopkins         12778801_1660238240896002_5757230997680996564_o

Club: Hills BMX Club

Favourite Track: Cairns

Years Racing: 18

Bike: S&M 38 Special

Race Number: 81

Achievements: 19x State Finalist, 3x State Champion, 12x National Finalist, 2x World Finalist


What do you love the most about BMX? I love how riding makes me happy, and the competitive nature of the sport (that it’s all on you). I also love coaching the future of the sport and seeing them achieve their goals.


Who do you look up to? Renee Junga, her skills on a bike & her attitude towards life and BMX even after her accident.

Mariana Pajon, that one should be pretty self-explanatory.

My mum, her support and guidance through my life.


Anybody you’d like to thank?

My parents, Jade McPherson, all the Trackside crew, all my friends for understanding my lifestyle, Hills BMX Club, and pretty much everyone who supports me, you guys all drive me to achieve my goals.