Kesia Savill

Name: Kesia Savill     11118835_10205552725606476_2154626082423186675_o

Age: 19

Club: Southside BMX Club

Favourite Track: Nerang

Years Racing: 5

Bike: 2015 Staats Pro XL

Race Number: 931

Achievements: 2WA 17+ women at my first state titles in Kalgoorlie 2013, 2WA 17-29 women 2015 state titles, 6A 17-24 women 2016 national championships


What do you love the most about BMX? I love that BMX has become my life and I have been able to travel around Australia doing something I love with people who are now considered my family. I also love that no matter what mood I’m in or what’s happening in my life, I can get on my bike and forget about all my worries.


Who do you look up to? Oceanographer, marine biologist and environmentalist, Sylvia Earle. I look up to her because she decided she wanted to make a difference and to leave this world a better place for the next generation. She has inspired me to get involved in volunteer projects to do with the ocean and conservation and watching her documentary “Mission Blue” reassured my decision to become a marine biologist myself, and to make sure I have the opportunity to make a difference and help save this beautiful planet.


Anybody you’d like to thank? I would like to thank my current sponsor, Daylight Cycles Co. for allowing me to be a part of BMX history for a new brand, hand built in California USA. My Coaches, Jade McPherson & Cat Hopkins, for helping me to progress my BMX to where I am today, and for not only being my fitness coaches but also my life mentors. Thank you to all the friends I have made since I started riding that make the BMX events more entertaining. Last but not least, my mum Sandra & step dad, Paul. For funding all the events, driving me to & from training & for being my support system. I love you!