Kyle Green

Name: Kyle Green  12828404_1660647744188385_1605921965006824066_o

Age: 16

Club: Westside BMX Club

Favourite Track: Bathurst & Grand Prix BMX at Lake Perris USA

Years Racing: 13

Bike: Rift RS20

Race Number: 136

Achievements: 4x State Champion, 3x National Finalist – 3A 4A 7A, 7th ABA Grands 2015, Mighty 11’s test team 2011


What do you love the most about BMX? I love the freedom while I’m riding and being in control


Who do you look up to and why? I look up to Sam Willoughby, Connor McGregor (UFC) and Ryan Villopoto (MX), all for their commitment and drive to be the best.


Anybody you’d like to thank? I’d like to thank my coach, Jade. My parents, Paul & Marita, and my sister Kishani