Core Training For All Athletes


The Importance of Core Training for Athletes


Core training is a very important aspect of an exercise routine for athletes. When incorporated into a proper workout routine it will help improve neuromuscular control and hopefully reduce injuries. The trunk of the body is considered the core and is comprised of the abdominal muscles, back muscles, pelvic floor muscles and the diaphragm. The core is the basis for all functional movements in sports, and is crucial for everything from cutting, to pivoting, to throwing, etc. Its main purposes are to allow for balance & stability, absorbing force and for the transfer of force/energy to the extremities. The transfer of force/energy affords the athlete the ability to generate additional power with various athletic activities such as a golf swing or a punch.

Incorporating proper technique and core training into a routine will facilitate improved neuromuscular athletic movement patterns which can help with maintaining correct alignment and stability of the spine and pelvis while performing an athletic activity. It will also help the athlete become more efficient with the execution of movements. The strength or weakness of the core will determine the athlete’s ability to move and generate power efficiently while participating in sport. Having good core strength, stability, and efficient dynamic neuromuscular control will facilitate the opportunity for improved sports performance. Athletic movement patterns are variable and dynamic, and require proper neuromuscular training to respond and react to loads placed on the body. Training can be accomplished using a variety of methodologies and equipment. Below are handouts of core training exercises which incorporate the use of the stability ball, medicine ball, disc pillow and kettle bell.

BMX core training is no different than any other sport a good athlete will have good core and a must for elite level bmx racing


Core Training Exercises – Body Weight & Stability Ball

Core Exercises
Core Exercises To Start You Off
Some Other Exercises For Core Training

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