Kirsten Dellar and her 2013 Season

Trackside Industries welcomed Kirsten
Dellar to the group in April 2013, but this year has been very up and down for her. In January she suffered from a major crash at her home track. Now she is prepping herself to leave for American to race the Chula Vista SX round and we thought we’d interview her before she leaves.

Firstly Kirsten how are you?
I can not complain about how well my life is going right now, I’m living what some people would call a dream. Being able to travel and compete against the best in the world is something I have wanted since I was a little girl, and I have turned that dream into reality and I’m loving every moment of it!
Are you enjoying being part of the Trackside family?
I’ve been apart of the trackside family for just over 6 months now and am absolutely striving on the atmosphere that all the athletes bring to the training sessions. As you said in the question it is exactly like a family, we are extremely supportive of each other and that’s why I believe we are getting the results, because each individual is being pushed to perform at their greatest. As for what I have achieved, there is still a long way to go but I am happy with my progress so far.
You head over to Brisbane next week than onto America for the SX, are you looking forward to it?
Who wouldn’t be looking forward to a major event like the last World Cup round for 2013? The thing I am looking forward to the most is being able to race against some of the best in the world, both the competition and tracks are hard and challenging at any world cup and that makes the racing all that more exciting and my own determination all that more driven.

So why Chula and not any of the other rounds?
ChulaVista has been a round that I have wanted to attend ever since I started these big international races, but money had always been an issue. Thankfully I got offered a position on the BMX Australia high performance program for this event which provides a great support both during travel and at the track.
How has your prep for this SX round differed from the other rounds you have been to?
There wasn’t so much of a difference in the way I trained, more the intensity of which I trained. I knew my weaknesses from previous events during the year so I focused more on those aspects and tweaked parts that I found I could improve on.

You suffered a massive crash at the start of the year at your home track, how has it been coming back from that and do you remember what actually happened?
Yes, I suffered a massive crash which put me off the bike for six weeks. The 5m drop of the step up resulted in me breaking 2 ribs, collapsing my left lung and needing an operation on my left ac joint after a grade three tear. This certainly scared me but would never stop me doing the sport I love, there was apparently a moment on the way to the hospital where I turned to my father and quote “I’m giving up, and going to study to get a real job” clearly in the crash I must of hit my head pretty hard cause you would never hear those words come from my mouth (haha). The recovery was tough and I had quite a few set backs along the way but a huge thanks goes out to everyone that sent in their support and visited me in hospital, it made me more determined to be even faster then what I was before the crash.
For those that didn’t see it, have a look here http://youtu.behhn55bM0CVc
Due to your Surgery recovery it made you to miss the ACT Probikx which costs you the win in the series, was winning the series a goal for you this year? and did it made you hungrier?
The crash cost me a lot more then the overall series, I had to basically start from scratch with my fitness, strength and even my mental toughness. At the beginning of the year I did believe I had a chance at winning the overall but was never one of my written down goals, this year I was focusing more on the bigger races and international events. Of course the crash had made me hungrier I had a little over a month to get back up to the high standard and compete at the national titles in QLD.
I might add you bounced back serious well with taking the last spot on the podium at the National Titles at Sleeman, how did that feel and how was that whole weekend for you?
It felt pretty great after the hard couple of months leading up to the event, it was certainly not the way I wanted to win third (after Caroline and Lauren had a crash in the third moto which put them further down in overall points) but that’s all part of bmx racing and you take the luck where you can get it. The overall weekend was great, I love these types of events as its a great chance to catch up with people that you haven’t seen in a year and have a bit of friendly rivalry at the same time.
With your results this year you were selected for the Aust Team for the worlds, how did you feel about the new selection criteria?
At first the criteria did confuse me but once I had the situation explained to
me I was all for it. Basically with the countries qualifying riders depending on their position from the UCI overall standings, I believe this sets for a higher standard of racing at these kind of events. Also to add, all riders that attended the world championships get to race the world championships, whereas before we would see roughly 50 girls attend this event and only 36 got to race, same goes with the guys, they would see 150 riders and only 64 raced.
And the way it was scheduled, with you having to do 3 qualifying motos and others not having to?

That side of the criteria didn’t bother me at all, I honestly thought that I as a rider was in a better position having to race the three motos as I had a better race knowledge of the track, then the riders entering the competition in the quarter finals. Yes there was a higher risk of injury due to crashes in the motos, but you have to take the bad with the good in this situation.

You made it to the Quarter Finals where you pulled a pretty hard heat, what were your thoughts where you saw who you were up against?
I did pull a hard quarter final but that’s racing. I chose to focus on my riding and not on what the other girls were up too, before any major event, I have a pre race routine that I will go through and this always helps me mentally prepare for big races.
You placed 5th in your quarter, after nearly pulling off an amazing corner move in the last corner. How were you feeling after that? As I believe that this is your best result in Elite Women?
The world championships was a mixed emotion event, as you said it was my best result in the elite women’s class at the world championships so i should have been happy about my result, however I was still extremely disappointed in myself and it took me a few days to get it through my head that I rode the best I could on the day and that’s all I could possibly ask of myself.
And now you’re off to America to race your first Sx Round for the year, what are your goals for the race?
Oh boy am I excited for this event! My goals for the last race of the season is to get out there to perform and get a better result then what I did at the worlds earlier this year, and to also enjoy the big jumps that the SX track has to offer.
Are you hoping to get to a few more rounds next year? Yes certainly, the qualification for the 2016 Olympics starts next march so ill be looking at doing a couple of rounds next year to start my campaign for being selected on the team.

After coming back from America the following weekend you have State Titles, how do you think you’ll go having 2
massive race weekends in a row?

It’s going to be tough with having to deal with jet lag and also driving 6 hours to Kalgoorlie, but that’s all apart of the things we deal with for the sport we love. I’ll deal with it the best way I know how and have a massive nap when I arrive home in Australia haha!
What are your goals for the 2014 season?
To get consistent podium results in the national series, to stay injury free throughout the year and to get more international race experience and results.
You picked up GT Australia as a sponsor last year, how did that feel and have they been looking after you?
Being a member of the GT team has been the best thing since the beginning of my race career, we are more then a team we are more like a family. I didn’t just choose the team because of how well us athletes are looked after on and off the track but the way the bike feels underneath me. I can honestly say it was the first bike I jumped on that felt amazing, so responsive and so comfortable on the first ride. We recently signed with a few co sponsors which has made our bikes even more dialled and looking stunning! Which makes for keeping our bikes running super well all that more easier.

Any thanks?

Gosh there are so many people to thank! Firstly I would like to say thank you to my family, especially my mother and father without their ongoing full support I wouldn’t have got to where I am today and I love them eternally for that! Secondly my coach Jade without his ability to push me to my greatest limits I wouldn’t ever be able to progress with my career and Cat Hopkins for making those lonely sprint sessions not so lonely. I could never forget all my great sponsors
– GT bicycles, Laptek systems, Lusty industries, ODI grips, bike ammo, Aerial7 Australia and Mitch Ramm custom chainrings. BMX Australia and the high performance program for their ongoing support at training camps and international events. Lastly my amazing boss Bunny Lim at BB Cycles, without his support of letting me have time off work, I wouldn’t be able to make half the events I wished to attend during the year.
And to finish off GOOD LUCK over in America and we will see you in Kalgoorlie for State Titles.

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