so nerang here we come so we fly out with aaron and we get into brisbane at 530am grab the car and of we head to miami were we were staying it was a good location close to the beach and plenty of stuff to do so we get settled in and azza built his bike up and of to the track we go to gate night practice went well we caught up with all the eastcoast crew and headed for home ! thursday we got up and desided that abit of non bmx activity would be good for the boyz so we trekked of to check out the springbrook national park which was a nice relaxing arvo (hope blake didnt cook his legs to much ) then back to the track for another practice session  before friday racing

practice done and dusted  and its time trial time everyone goes out and time trials with aarons tt seeding him 1st and joey tt around 5th  and the elites we had a few wa boyz out there in the elite with none other than darryn goodwin , matty juster , blake scholfield  josh lathwell and chris lathwell  which was awesome to see ! so friday racing moto,s done and dusted time for quarter and semi,s

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